Monitored Home Alarm System

Unfortunately there’s no getting away from the fact that the UK is a high crime country. The good news is that burglary statistics have fallen slightly in recent years; however, this is mostly due to improved home security. Sadly this means that if your home isn’t secured; your chances of being burgled are increased.

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What is an Monitored Alarm System

Quoteline Direct has teamed up with MonitoredHaus to provide effective electronic security system for just 83p a day. Monitored home alarm systems prove one of the most successful deterrents to burglars, and have several advantages over conventional bell alarm systems and even police response alarms.

Considering that the average burglary takes 5-6 minutes, it’s hardly surprising that the authorities are rarely able to respond in a meaningful time frame. However, with a monitored home alarm system burglars know that help from a chosen keyholder could be around the corner, across the road or even next door. It’s far too risky and it makes sense for the burglar to find a softer target elsewhere.

All MonitoredHaus security systems are professionally monitored around the clock. If one of the sensors on your alarm system is triggered it will automatically telephone our monitoring station. MonitoredHaus will then contact your home to ascertain whether the activation was accidental. If there is no answer, or the monitoring station believes there is a cause for concern, your keyholders will be contacted.

Why Quoteline Direct

The system also operates as a Care Alarm, whereby activation of a Care Pendant will automatically telephone your chosen carer; whether a neighbour, a relative or your doctor’s surgery.

What you can expect from a MonitoredHaus Security System:

  • Free installation and equipment.
  • Monthly monitoring for £25.
  • Professional monitoring service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board Certification.
  • Award-winning hardware and professional installation (completed to EN50131).
  • Free Care Alarm upgrade and Care Pendant.

To find out more about MonitoredHaus’ Security and Care System call 0845 034 9010.

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