Courier Van Insurance

If you operate as a courier in the UK, courier van insurance is essential, but what if you’re faced with through-the-roof premiums? Standard insurers will often place you in a ‘high risk’ category just because you cover many more miles per year than the average driver and make many stops along the way. At Quoteline Direct however, we look at many more factors to give you a fair quote.

However what about your on-road experience, surely that counts for something? At Quoteline Direct, we avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and instead tailor our packages to suit the needs of individual drivers. We find the most affordable policy from our panel of specialist courier van insurance providers and offer reliable cover for both individual couriers and fleets.

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What does Quoteline Direct Offer?

At Quoteline Direct, we offer a wide choice of policies to keep you safe out on the road from Third Party to Comprehensive. Third Party only is the lowest level of courier van insurance available insuring you against damage caused to someone else and/or their property. Comprehensive on the other hand also protects you and your van as well as others and their property.

At Quoteline Direct, we’ve also got access to great deals on a wide variety of additional products covering everything from Goods in Transit to Public Liability and Employers’ Liability – the latter being a requirement for all fleet operators with employees.

Goods in transit cover is especially important. As you will often transport high-value packages for other people, goods in transit insurance helps cover cargo should it be lost, stolen or damaged on route. Companies employing courier services often insist on this cover. For this reason, finding a policy to suit you is a must.

Why choose Quoteline Direct

As one of the leading courier van insurance brokers, there are many benefits of choosing Quoteline Direct. We stand out from the crowd for the following reasons:

  • New start-up companies are welcome and we can normally transfer any no claims bonus earned on your private car.
  • We can provide competitive cover for all types of courier, whether franchised or freelance.
  • We are even happy to consider couriers with a poor driving history.

Why Do I Need Courier Van Insurance?

If you’re a courier, don’t automatically assume that standard van insurance has you covered. Courier van insurance is specifically designed to tackle the varied and unique risks that couriers face on a daily basis including high mileage, multiple stops and cargo which can vary in value. If you take out the wrong insurance, you may not be able to make a claim should an incident occur and may also receive fines and penalty points on your licence as a result.

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