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Electricians insurance helps to protect your livelihood with our comprehensive cover giving you the best financial protection possible.

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With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we understand the insurance needs of electricians inside out and have the industry muscle needed to negotiate some great deals. Our extensive knowledge and reputable position in the market allows us to work with top insurance providers, many of whom don’t deal directly with the public.

What Is Electricians Insurance?

When it comes to finding electricians insurance, it’s important that all risks are covered. At Quoteline Direct, we combine all your insurance needs into a single policy which is not only easy to understand but helps to safeguard your business in the most thorough way possible.

Policies can be tailored accordingly, but cover typically includes:

  • As an electrician, you’ll know that contact with the general public is common. While you might take extra care and meticulously follow Part P regulations, there’s always a risk of accidents, injury and damage to property occurring. This can be a disaster if you’re not insured, but the public liability element of our policies will help protect against claims made against you.

  • If you have people working under you, employer’s liability insurance is a must. The good news is, we’ll incorporate this into our comprehensive electricians insurance package, meaning you will be covered if an employee is injured at work. Electricians often have to climb ladders and put themselves in risky situations, after all, which shows how essential insurance is.

  • One of the first rules of business is to safeguard the tools and equipment that allow you to do your job properly. We offer round the clock cover for your assets which will limit disruption should anything you own be lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Most mobile electricians rely on a van to get from A to B. Without transport, business can grind to a halt and that’s why we’ve incorporated van insurance into our policy.

  • Accident and sickness insurance can provide you with a financial safety net if you’re unable to work due to health reasons.

  • Working with Electricity can lead to a diverse range of circumstances. So, whether you’re going through a dispute with a contractor or are being investigated by HMRC, we’re here to help with the costs.

We offer affordable electricians insurance quotes for all types of domestic, commercial and industrial electricians. So whether you’re self-employed or run a team of electrical contractors, we are confident that we can help you find the right cover at the right price.

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