Pub and Restaurant Insurance

Whether you run a cosy village pub or a bustling inner-city restaurant, pub & restaurant insurance offers financial protection against unforeseen events helping to safeguard your business income. No matter how carefully you follow health and safety procedures, it’s still necessary to take out the relevant cover – just in case the worst should happen.

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Why Quoteline Direct?

As one of the country’s leading brokers, we have the experience and industry knowledge to negotiate some of the best deals on the market. Compare pub & restaurant insurance policies from the likes of AXA, Aviva, Liverpool Victoria and more via our easy Quote and Buy system and find a quote that suits you.

Benefits of insuring through Quoteline Direct:

Policies are specifically tailored to meet your needs and typically include:

  • Public & Product Liability:  This is designed to protect against claims made by the public as a result of negligence causing injury or illness. For example, if a customer trips in your restaurant.
  • Employer’s Liability: If you take on members of staff, this type of insurance is required by law and helps protect against claims made by employees.
  • Business Interruption: Should your business have to close unexpectedly, this will cover lost income and additional operating expenses.
  • Loss of License: This will cover legal costs and losses incurred if your liquor licence is revoked through no fault of your own
  • Deterioration of Stock: Deterioration of stock protects against spoiled freezer food or refrigeration failure.

Benefits of pub and restaurant insurance with Quoteline Direct

  • Instant cover online with our Quote & Buy system.
  • Expert help from our team of commercial consultants.
  • An easy-to-manage policy document with all elements of cover rolled into one.
  • We will email you the policy immediately, and you can have a back-up copy by post.
  • Access to our claims service that’s open 24/7 to help keep your business on track.

So whether you’re running a gourmet gastro pub, or a five-star fine dining restaurant, we are confident that we can help you find the right insurance at the right price. To speak with a member of our restaurant insurance team call 0161 874 7979

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