Hairdressers Insurance

If you are a hairdresser or barber looking for insurance at a snip, we have got you covered. We have access to a number of great insurance deals designed specifically for hairdressers. And because we are an independent broker, we can compare policies to help you find the right cover at the right price.

What is Hairdressers Insurance?

Working in a hairdressers or barbers can be a risky business, and while we can’t stop accidents from happening, we can make sure that you have a financial safety net. Arranging comprehensive insurance is one thing we’ve got covered, and you’ll have to look hard to find a service that’s just as convenient and just as competitive.

Competitive Cover

Working in the insurance industry for more than 45 years has allowed us to negotiate competitive terms from specialist hairdressers insurance providers. And because we tailor each policy to fit your individual needs, it means you won’t waste a single penny on cover you don’t want.

Convenient Cover

We know that life as a hairdresser gets hectic, and that after a long week spent on your feet, you won’t want to waste your free time ringing round endless providers and filling in endless forms.

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Comprehensive Cover

We can provide insurance for all types of hairdresser and barber, with common benefits including:

Treatment Insurance

Covers a wide range of hairdressing procedures, from washing and dyeing to cutting and styling, as well as more than 100 beauty therapy treatments including facials and massage.

Public Liability

As a professional hairdresser you owe a duty of care to your customers, and no matter how carefully you work, there are plenty of unexpected things that can still go wrong. Public liability insurance provides a safeguard if a member of the public takes you to court for negligence. It covers everything from slips in your salon to adverse reactions to treatments or products.

Employer’s Liability

A legal requirement if you take on staff, providing protection for your employees and your business if anyone is injured at work.

Business Interruption

Provides replacement income to help pay the bills if your salon is closed as the result of an insurance claim.

In addition, we have a number of related products aimed at hairdressers and barbers including: Buildings and Contents, Equipment and Materials, Van and Car and Legal Expenses Insurance.

We can provide competitive quotes for all hairdressers and barbers. So, whether you’re a self-employed mobile hairdresser, or run a chain of high-street salons, we are confident that we can cut the cost of your cover.

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