Pet Insurance

As a nation of animal lovers we want the very best for our pets and a major part of being a responsible pet owner is looking after your animal’s health. However, as everybody knows veterinary treatment doesn’t come cheap and bills can quickly add-up.

Pet insurance is a cost-effective way of safeguarding against unexpected expenses; helping to make sure that your four legged friend stays fit and healthy.

Considering that one third of pet owners will face an unexpected trip to the vet at some point, and that you’re more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your home or car insurance; you can see that pet insurance makes shrewd financial sense.

We no longer offer a Pet insurance product direct, but there are a number of providers out there and various policies are available; some cover accident only, others include illness cover too. You’ll need to decide whether to go for lifetime cover or a policy that is limited either by time or per condition. And it’s not only vet’s fees that can be included, look out for additional benefits such as public liability cover and policies covering the cost of adverts to help find your lost pet.