Five Reasons to Fit Van Racking

May 30th, 2018

In the current economic crisis tradesmen up and down the country are wracking their brains for ways to cut costs and boost profits: the simple solution is to fit van racking.

They say that a tidy desk means a tidy mind and it’s exactly the same with the back of a tradesman’s van. If your van is a chaotic jumble of tools and materials then customers will assume that your work is just as jumbled and chaotic.

Fitting a van racking system is the obvious answer, and you’ll be surprised at just how much it can do for your business. We look at why van racking makes sense:

Get cheaper van insurance: Tradesmen are often surprised to learn that fitting van racking can cut insurance costs by as much as 5%. Premiums are calculated on risk and because insurance underwriters consider vans fitted with racking to be lower risk, drivers are rewarded with lower premiums. Exactly why fitted vans are less risky to insure is thanks to a number of reasons including improved safety and greater commitment to the care of the vehicle.

As an independent broker it’s one of the first questions we ask when working to find you the best deal, and it’s just one of the reasons that we are able to guarantee savings of at least 10% on your current renewal premium.

Improve van and personal safety: Having unsecured tools and equipment rolling about in the back of your van isn’t just annoying, it’s plain dangerous. If you are forced to brake hard or are involved in an accident flying tools can be fatal. As a self-employed tradesman it’s a worrying enough thought, but if you’re the boss you owe a duty of care to your staff and could be held responsible if found neglectful. You can protect yourself and your employees by fitting van racking.

Save time, hassle and money: All the time spent untangling tools, searching for screws, or trying to find the right fixings comes straight off your bottom line. Add-up the hours over the course of a year and the chances are that you’ve wasted at least a day or two. Then there are the botched jobs because you can’t find the right tool, the extra costs to cover spillages, and it’s hard to find a tradesman who hasn’t cut themselves rummaging around for something in the back of a van.

Fit more in and get more out: Van racking has evolved over the years and today it can do a lot more than maximise your vehicle’s storage space. Customised racking can be a surprisingly cost-effective way to turn your vehicle into a mobile workshop, complete with everything from work-benches to work-lights, and all tailored to your individual trade’s needs.

Create the right impression: First impressions count and by arriving in a well-equipped and well-organised van, you’re bound to impress. Your client will be confident that you’re not a cowboy and your van will double as an advertising hoarding to attract local business.

Put simply: van racking makes sense, and it’s worth remembering that any money invested in racking is likely to be recouped when you come to sell your van. Not only will your vehicle be dent-free and scratch-free, but you’ve added some serious value.

For ideas and inspiration to help you get the most out of the back of your van visit racking specialists BiGDUG at:

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