How to Hammer Down Your Van Insurance Quote

May 30th, 2018

As a van driver you’ll know that it’s essential to get the right insurance in order to keep your van and your business moving. You’ll also be painfully aware that van insurance doesn’t always come cheap. However, you might not know that there are a number of simple and practical ways of driving down the cost of insuring your van to help you go that extra mile:

Choose a market leader: Online insurance brokers are continually making and breaking promises, but with 45 years’ experience Quoteline Direct is one company that you can really trust. So when we say that we guarantee to undercut your current insurance premium by at least 10% it’s exactly what we mean. Run a quick quotation through our insurance engine; then challenge our expert team to tailor you quote and see how much more you could save. You’re guaranteed to save at least 10% on your Van Insurance and probably a great deal more… not bad for a few minutes work.

Name the drivers: When you are getting an insurance quote it’s tempting to tick the box providing cover for ‘Any Driver’. However, giving into temptation comes at a considerable price. Take a few moments to work-out who will actually be using the van and name them on the policy. You can name up to three drivers and still expect to make substantial savings.

Maximise existing ‘no claims’: The first question you should ask your insurance broker is if they can ‘mirror’ or ‘transfer’ your current ‘no claims’ bonus. If the answer is ‘yes’ you can expect your premium to be reduced by as much as 65%, if the answer is ‘ no’ ; take your business elsewhere. Well connected brokers will be able to arrange policies ‘transferring’ any no claims bonus built-up while driving a car to your new van, as well as policies which ‘mirror’ (or match) the no claims bonus to include both your car and your van.

Get a logo: The advertising benefits of having your company logo on the side of your van are obvious, but there’s another benefit you might not know about. Having your van ‘sign written’ could mean an extra 5% off your premium. Insurance underwriters see company logos as a sign that you are serious about your business and that you are ‘in it for the long run’. Both of which reduce their risk and in turn your insurance premium.

Get fittings fitted: In the same way that displaying your company logo on your van can earn a 5% discount; fitting shelves or racking in the back of your van could shave off another 5%. Again the underwriters’ reason that your commitment means you’re more likely to look after the van. And there’s the idea that a ‘fitted’ van will be a less appealing target for thieves.

Find out what it’s really worth: When it comes to valuing your van it pays to be realistic. If you inflate you van’s value, or think it’s still worth what you paid a couple of years ago, you’ll be left seriously out of pocket. Firstly you are insuring a more expensive vehicle; so your premium will understandably be higher. Secondly fewer insurers will be willing to give you a quote; so you won’t have access to the best deals. And finally it’s worth remembering that insurers will only payout your van’s current market value in the event of a claim.

Up your excess: By allowing you to set the level of ‘voluntary excess’ insurance companies are effectively offering to share their risk for a financial reward. It’s a simple equation: the higher the excess, the lower the premium. And it’s something that’s certainly worth considering if you are confident you won’t be making a claim.

Think about security: It won’t come as a surprise to hear that insurers award discounts for vehicle security. However, it might come as a surprise to learn that such discounts don’t add up to all that much. Fitting an immobiliser will knock a few quid off your insurance premium, but you’ll have to weigh this up against the initial investment which is likely to be hundreds of pounds. The reality behind this surprising truth is that vehicle theft only accounts for a fraction of insurance companies’ payouts, with the lion’s share going on personal injuries caused by accidents.

Get completely covered: Taking out additional insurance cover might not seem the most obvious way of saving money, but it’s likely to pay-off in the long run. Vans are designed to work hard, but they are still subject to wear and tear… and they still breakdown. To keep your business on the road it makes sense to take out breakdown cover and to ensure that your materials and equipment are covered consider a Goods in Transit Insurance policy.

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