Tips for Preventing Storm Damage

Turn on the television, tune in the radio, or open a newspaper; and it won't be long before you are confronted with a story about Mother Nature at her worse.

While of course storms can't be prevented, they can be predicted which means you can be prepared. The following steps are aimed at minimising damage to yourself and your property:

  • Check the condition of the roof looking for cracked and broken tiles, cracks in chimneys or problems with pointing. The condition of the roof is of particular importance in heavy snow conditions with its unexpected additional weight.
  • Ensure that all pipes are sufficiently insulated to avoid freezing and bursting during cold snaps. Similarly it's a good idea to leave outdoor taps dripping to prevent them from freezing solid. Make sure you know where your stopcock is located just in case you need to shut-off your water supply in an emergency.
  • It is essential to keep gutters, gullies and drains clear to carry water away quickly and efficiently. A blocked downpipe with trapped rainwater may crack or shatter in the event of freezing conditions.
  • Electric cables and phone lines act as lightening conductors, so if there's a thunderstorm developing make sure that all electrical devices are unplugged (including your phone and modem)
  • Consider cutting back low hanging tree branches, which could cause damage in high winds.
  • In the case of winter emergencies such as a severe snow storm, it makes good sense to have prepared an emergency kit including torches, spare bulbs, home insurance documents, other emergency contact details, tinned food, warm clothing, blankets and a shovel.
  • Listen to the radio or check on line for regular updates on weather conditions. The Environment Agency's website is a reliable source of information on flood risk in the UK.

It's worth remembering that you owe a 'duty of care' to service user or anyone visiting your property, which means that it's up to you to ensure that pathways are kept clear especially in snow and icy conditions.

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