Top Ten Tips for Finding Cheaper Motor Insurance

May 30th, 2018

As a motorist you’ll probably expect to spend an hour or two looking for a competitive insurance quote. However, don’t forget the following steps which could save you a small fortune:

  1. New drivers can save up to 30% on their insurance premium by completing a ‘Pass Plus’ course after their driving test. The course is divided into six lessons, covering everything from driving at night to safety on the motorways, and is overseen by the Driving Standards Agency. Fees vary from driving school to driving school, but are often ‘repaid’ by discounted insurance premiums. And of course you’ll be a much safer driver too!
  2. Young drivers can help to build-up a no claims bonus by taking out a ‘starter policy’ for six or eight months. You’ll begin to earn the insurance companies’ trust, and if your birthday falls within the insured period, you can expect further discounts.
  3. Investing in vehicle security can pay serious dividends, and it can be as simple as fitting an approved alarm or immobiliser.
  4. Only add drivers to your policy if they intend to use the vehicle regularly. By restricting driving to ‘insured only’ or ‘insured and spouse’ you can significantly reduce your premium. If you need to insure another driver for a short time it’s possible to add a ‘pro-rata’ premium.
  5. Check the premiums for each level of insurance cover and you could be pleasantly surprised. It’s logical to assume that Third Party cover is the cheapest option, but Fully Comprehensive cover can prove more economical if you choose a higher voluntary excess.
  6. One of the easiest ways to save on your car insurance is to shop around. You might save time using one of the big price comparison sites, but you won’t necessarily make the greatest financial savings. Bear in mind that insurance providers negotiate different deals with each comparison site, and some refuse to sign-up altogether. Aggregators also tend to rely heavily on technology, whereas we believe the best way to really tailor a quote is with the ‘human touch’, which is why Quoteline Direct is much more than just another price comparison site.
  7. In areas with significant car crime it pays to use your garage. Most vehicles are stolen after dark, so clear out the clutter and make sure your car is locked-up. It will make a big difference to your insurance premium.
  8. Don’t guesstimate your annual mileage, but instead have a look at last year’s MOT certificate and do a quick calculation. Individual circumstances are always changing, and if you’ve moved house or are commuting to a new office; you may find that an overestimated mileage is bumping up your insurance.
  9. Occasional drivers keep an eye open for specialist products, including limited mileage policies and our GPS tracked insurance (aimed at restricting driving to daylight hours).
  10. Of course the best way of keeping your premium low is to drive safely. Accidents and points on your license will bump-up insurance costs, so drive carefully at all times.

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