Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How can I obtain copies of my documentation?

A – You can obtain a duplicate copy of your insurance policy documents by logging into My Policies. Find your customer reference number on your welcome documents. If you’ve misplaced your welcome documents, you can select ‘What is this’ next to ‘Customer number’ in the login area, and we can send you a reminder of your customer number to either your phone number or email address.

Q – Where do I send my validation documents? 

A – If you have been asked to send us documentation to show proof of your no claims bonus or identity etc. then you will be able to upload these in ‘My Policies‘. You can upload a maximum of 5 files at a time including photographs and files.

Q – How can I make changes to my insurance policy?

A – To make changes to your insurance policy ring 0161 874 8011 and select the option for Customer Services.

Q – How do I make a claim on my insurance policy?

A – To make a claim contact our claims department, within 24 hours of any accident or loss, on 0161 874 4180 and select the option for claims.

Q – What documentation have you sent me?

A – If you have taken out an insurance quote online you will receive an e-mail confirming your quotation. When you take out cover you will receive your schedule, policy booklet and a motor insurance certificate if applicable. Keep the documentation safe for your future reference. You will be able to find any documents we’ve sent to you in My Policies.

Q – Am I entitled to a courtesy car?

A – Most insurers will provide a replacement vehicle following an accident as long as an approved repairer is used, subject to availability. Our claims department will be able to confirm these details for you.

Q – Who do I pay my excess to?

A – If a policy excess is applicable, it is payable to the repairing garage upon completion of repairs.

Q – Is my excess recoverable?

A – Yes if you are involved in a non fault accident and there is a third party to claim from. If you have purchased our unique legal expenses cover you will be assisted in the recovery of your policy excess along with any other losses or out of pocket expenses from the third party.

Q – Can I get emergency repairs done?

A – You can have urgent remedial repairs completed on a household claim (e.g. leak on a sink fixed). You cannot repair damage caused in any motor claim without consulting your insurance company first and obtaining their agreement and approval.

Q – What are your terms of business?

A – Full details of our terms of business can be found here. – Who are Quoteline Direct?

A – Quoteline Direct are part of the Wilsons Insurance Group who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with a direct approach to customer satisfaction. Wilsons Insurance Group started to serve their customers in 1969 and are now one of the major insurance brokers in the U.K. Quoteline Direct is a registered trade mark.

Q – Who is the insurance company?

A – With perhaps one of the most comprehensive online car insurance quote systems available, we search for the lowest possible quote from many of the country’s leading low cost car insurance providers – immediately online. Our policies are provided by the countries leading insurers including Allianz, Aviva, AXA, Fortis, NIG, Lloyd’s of London, RSA, Zurich and many more.

Q – Is Breakdown cover included in my motor quote?

A – Comprehensive breakdown cover is available for £59 a year.

Q – What is no claims bonus and how does it affect my insurance premium?

A – Your no claims bonus is a reward for remaining claim free. It rises on a scale up to 9 years. The more bonus earned the cheaper your premium will be. Your no claims bonus can be protected, this facility is normally available when you have been claim free for 4 – 5 years.

Q – How do I get a quote for a Q plate / Imported / Modified Vehicle?

A – All the above can only be fully catered for using our Quoteline consultants (EU Imports only). We will negotiate each case with the insurers before a final premium is quoted.

Q – How can I pay for my insurance policy? Can I pay in instalments?

A – We accept payment by all major credit cards (excluding American Express), Maestro and Cheque. Instalment facilities (including Direct Debit up to 12 months) are normally available. Please ask your assistant for full written details. Applicants for payment by Direct Debit must be over 18.

Q – Why can’t I pay online?

A – We have found that the vast majority of our customers require further information before they take out their policy and want the confidence of knowing that they have chosen the correct cover. In addition to this, many of the major insurance companies are unwilling to provide cover online and to omit these companies when searching for your quote would increase the cost to you.

Q – My car has been ‘Modified’. Do you need to know, and will it affect the cost of my cover?

A – We do need to know and it may well affect the cost of your policy. Make sure you tell us when you ring up take out your cover if your car has been modified so we can ensure you are fully covered.

Q – I am trying get an online car quotation and cannot find my car on your database?

A – The vehicle ABI listings are exhaustive and should cater for your vehicle. This is not always the case. If you can’t find the exact model find a similar model and give us a call on 0161 874 8011 and select the new business option. We will identify your exact model and make the necessary changes to your quotation.

Q – Why did my online Motor / Home insurance quotation not give me a price?

A – Please bear in mind that heavy numbers of users impact on the service and performance of the quotation system. Heavy web traffic can increase the time it takes for your quotation to be processed and in extreme cases may lead to your quotation timing out.

Q – What happens if I need to make a claim?

A – When you arrange a new policy you are given a dedicated 24/7 claims telephone number, we are always there when you need us most.

Q – What are your terms of business?

A – Full details of our terms of business can be found here.