Goods in Transit Insurance

When transporting goods from A to B, it’s wise to protect that all-important cargo with the correct insurance policy. Goods in transit insurance provides cover for a wide range of scenarios including theft, accidental damage, loss of goods and tools giving you ultimate peace of mind.

At Quoteline Direct, we work with our panel of specialist insurance providers to find the right policy for you. So, whether you’re a courier, haulier or an independent tradesman, we’ll tailor a quote to suit your specific needs.

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Do I Really Need Goods in Transit Insurance?

One of the main rules of business is to protect your investment – and that means insuring your cargo. If you don’t you could be left seriously out of pocket. While you might have courier insurance which covers your vehicle, goods in transit insurance focusses solely on the vehicle’s contents, providing a much-needed financial safety net should something go wrong in transit.

Goods in transit cover protects your belongings and equipment as well as the belongings of others, which is particularly important for courier services which regularly transport valuable and personal items.

Benefits of insuring through Quoteline Direct:

  • Cover for theft, accidental damage and loss of goods
  • Cover for tools in transit also available
  • Independent couriers or network operators covered
  • Select a level of cover for your needs
  • Public liability and employers’ liability can be included

Why Goods In Transit Insurance With Quoteline Direct?

As an experienced insurance broker with almost 50 years of experience, we’ve developed an excellent relationship with leading insurance underwriters and offer quotes based on your specific situation. We provide goods in transit insurance for self-employed individuals operating with one van as well as fleets within the courier and haulage industry.

No matter what your profession, if you’re moving goods from one place to another – whether to and from warehouses or delivering to consumers – we can provide you with the necessary cover.

Specialist Schemes to Cater for Your Needs

Our Network Courier Scheme offers a package that not only covers your goods in transit, rated on a per kilo basis as per your contractual requirements, but it also covers Public Liability, Temporary Employers’ Liability and if needed full Employers’ Liability.

Our Independent Courier Scheme offers a package to cater for broader goods in transit exposure, with the goods in transit section written on an ‘All Risks’ basis with no single article limit. Public Liability and Employers’ Liability can also be included.

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