Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance

Rent guarantee & legal expenses insurance from Quoteline Direct is designed for landlords looking for financial security and peace of mind. It protects against tenants who fail to pay their rent and covers the various legal expenses a landlord might face.

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As a leading independent insurance broker with almost 50 years of experience, we work with some of the UK’s top insurance providers to find cover that suits your situation and budget. For just £94.95 a year you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Landlords rent guarantee means that even if your tenants stop paying rent you can still keep up with your mortgage repayments. It offers a financial safety net when you need it the most, covering:
    • Rent Protection – providing up to £2,500 per month (for 12 months or a maximum of £25,000) if your tenant fails to pay the rent.
    • Eviction Costs – providing legal expenses of up to £50,000 incurred in evicting a tenant from the insured property.

  • As a landlord, legal expenses insurance of up to £100,000 will help protect against any disputes brought against you, covering:
    • Property: This covers proceedings brought against the insured property
    • Repair & Renovation: Offers legal costs in repair disputes to the insured property.
    • Health & Safety: providing legal costs in defending prosecutions brought under the Health & Safety at Work Act.
    • Telephone Advice Line: providing professional advice on a wide range of law from Employment and Tax to Health & Safety.

Rent guarantee and expenses insurance can be bought as a standalone policy or be added onto your landlord buildings and contents insurance. Contact our customer support team on 0161 874 7747.

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