Performance Car Insurance

While you may love the adrenaline rush that comes with buying and driving a high-performance car, expensive insurance premiums can dampen your excitement. If your vehicle has a powerful engine, standard insurers may up their prices to cover the risks involved or refuse cover altogether.

At Quoteline Direct, we want your pulse to race for all the right reasons and that means keeping our costs as low as possible. With decades of industry insights under our belt, we know that fast car drivers are often the most experienced and so we offer affordable performance car insurance to reflect this.

Why Do I Need Performance Car Insurance?

Performance cars have powerful engines. They’re designed to put on a show and therefore are considered more of a risk. Drivers often take a while to get used to the sheer speed and acceleration associated with such vehicles and therefore specialist insurance is essential – not only because insurance is a legal obligation but the right cover will give you ultimate peace of mind.

While prestige cars from marques such as Bentley, Maybach, Tesla and Rolls-Royce are designed to be luxurious, comfortable and cosseting, they also offer power on tap. The good news is specialist car insurance caters to the high value and performance of your vehicle.

Remember, performance cars usually have specialist parts too that can be more expensive to replace or repair, so it really is essential to find the best insurance deal – which is what we’ll do for you!

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Why Quoteline Direct for Premium Car Insurance?

At Quoteline Direct, we want you to enjoy the power and speed of your high performance vehicle without worrying about through-the-roof insurance prices. For this reason, our consultants will find an affordable quote to suit your needs with our policies ranging from the most basic third-party insurance to comprehensive packages. We can also add on extras such as legal expenses cover, vehicle replacements and breakdown cover depending on your budget, wants and circumstances.

The main takeaway is that we won’t simply put you in a high-risk category just because of your need for speed! Your vehicle may have high performance expectations, but our prices remain consistently low.

Quoteline Direct has access to competitive car insurance for all types of performance car and driver, irrespective of your motoring history. In fact, Quoteline Direct can also cover drivers of high performance cars with claims or convictions as long as you’re an experienced driver. We don’t believe you should be punished for past mistakes and will do everything we can to find you an affordable insurance package.

What’s The Criteria for Performance Car Insurance?

As one of the top performance car insurance brokers, we can tell you that you’ll likely need high performance car insurance if your car has one or more of these criteria:

  • If your car has a big engine, it will probably be put in a high insurance group which automatically increases insurance premiums with standard insurers.
  • Statistics have shown that high-performance vehicles are more targeted by thieves and those who wish to cause damage through jealousy. Again, this can hike up premium car insurance prices, which is why shopping around for reduced costs is a must.
  • The cost of a vehicle when new is always considered when placed in an insurance group; a £100,000 car is more expensive to replace than one that costs £15,000.

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