What is Young Driver Insurance?

If you’re under the age of 25, you’re seen as a higher insurance risk than those who are older and have been driving longer. Insurers will often determine that youth means inexperience. This means that Young Drivers are often subject to higher insurance premiums. This can’t even be offset by young drivers as they’ve often not had the time to accumulate no-claims discounts.

Why Quoteline Direct for Young Drivers Insurance?

At Quoteline Direct, however, we’ve been insuring Young Drivers for almost 50 years. We can offer insurance quotes not available elsewhere, so you need not fear that you’re forced into high insurance premiums. Each driver is individual and as such they should have a tailored Young Drivers Insurance policy. Not all Young Drivers will drive like other people their age.

We offer premiums that are affordably priced and take into consideration all elements of a young driver’s situation. There are things that drastically reduce premiums such as gaining experience as a named driver on a parent’s car after passing your test, using smaller vehicles, newer safety features such as parking sensors and dashcams etc. This doesn’t offset great cover either, as you can expect the usual Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only covers.

Reducing the Cost of Young Drivers Insurance

As we’ve mentioned, Young Drivers are often seen in the highest risk category by insurers. A few helpful tips to keep insurance premiums down include:

  • Type of car – Most people are aware that lower powered, smaller cars are likely to be cheaper to insure for younger drivers than more powerful cars, but not everybody knows that newer cars are sometimes cheaper to insure than older cars for young drivers.
  • Mileage – if you only use your car infrequently, being accurate with the number of miles you drive means that the less you’re on the road, the lower risk.
  • Better Safety features – If you’ve got parking sensors or a newer vehicle, there’s a high chance that they’ll be safer to drive on the roads – and some insurers also believe that you’re more likely to take care of a newer car.
  • Dashcams – Often Young Drivers will get the short straw and can find themselves blamed even when not at fault. Dashcams will give unedited raw footage of any accidents, meaning that having one will make you a lower risk of being found at fault in the event of an accident if anything happens.
  • Increasing your excess – Having a higher excess means that your insurance company won’t have to pay out as much for smaller claims such as bumps and scrapes. If you’re willing to have a high voluntary excess, you could dramatically reduce your premiums.
  • Secure your car – Cars fitted with an immobilisation device or an approved alarm will result in a lower risk of theft, making your premiums lower.
  • Pass Plus – If you’ve passed the Pass Plus then this can mean savings of up to 30%.

Choose Quoteline Direct

At Quoteline Direct, we’ve taken the sting out of insurance premiums for Young Drivers for almost 50 years. So whether you’ve just ripped up your L-Plates or are looking for a cheaper renewal Quoteline Direct could help make some serious savings.

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