Student Car Insurance?

Student car insurance offers you much-needed cover during your years in education. Unfortunately, as many students are also young drivers with minimal on road experience, standard insurers tend to up their premiums resulting in costly cover that’s hard to afford.

Shared accommodation and a lack of secure parking in or near a major university city can mean that insurance is placed in the ‘high risk’ category, but at Quoteline Direct, we don’t believe in making your student days more financially challenging than they have to be.

Why Quoteline Direct for Student Car Insurance?

As an insurance broker with almost 50 years of experience, we know that price is a big factor when it comes to student car insurance. That’s why we tailor our packages to suit your individual needs and offer prices you won’t find elsewhere.

How to Keep Your Student Car Insurance Premiums Low

We will find you low cost packages, but there are things you can do to keep those premiums down.

  1. Think about how far you drive

If you’re only planning to drive to and from home, you may be considered less of a road risk than someone who uses their vehicle all the time. While it’s important to declare accurate mileage, you might benefit from a low mileage package.

  1. Try to find secure parking

Parking in university towns and cities can be difficult, but in a bid to reduce prices, try to find secure parking if possible as this could greatly reduce your student car insurance quotes.

  1. Secure your vehicle

A few tweaks to your vehicle could make a big difference. Think about investing in security features such as a steering wheel lock as this could again lower premiums.

  1. Accept a higher excess

Accepting a higher excess means that your insurance provider won’t have to pay out as much for claims which can help keep premiums low. That said; you need to consider whether you’d be able to afford car repairs should the worst happen.

We have a huge panel of insurers to help find the right student car insurance offer for you. So, get a quote online or get in touch on 0161 874 8029.