What is Student Car Insurance?

As students are often Young Drivers, the insurance premiums on offer can be sky high. It’s ironic that the premiums are highest though as a student, you’re amongst the least able to afford them. Given that you’ve likely got University tuition fees, living expenses and course equipment to afford, Insurance Premiums can be an unwanted expense to add on top.

Things don’t seem to get any better either; shared accommodation means that secure parking is often unavailable, while living near to a major city can sometimes be viewed as a higher risk area for insurance.

Why Quoteline Direct for Student Car Insurance?

As we’ve been insuring students for almost 50 years, we understand that you need the cheapest possible premiums without sacrificing quality. Our insurance panel caters for student drivers. We provide premiums that aren’t available elsewhere and for that reason, we’re often cheaper than anything else you find on the market. You won’t be sacrificing quality either – we provide some of the very best student car insurance available in the UK.

Reducing the cost of Student Car Insurance

  • Frequency of use – If you’re using your vehicle simply to travel to and from home, then you’re not using your car as often as someone who will use their car for commuting. Be honest about the number of miles you drive, but seriously consider if you need a policy that allows you to drive up to 10,000 miles if you’re not going to be driving that much.
  • Parking – The chances of getting a good parking space off the road are likely to be low, however where possible if there’s the ability to get a secure parking space, this can have a big impact on your premiums.
  • Secure Vehicles – even something as small as a steering wheel lock can reduce your insurance premiums by a sizeable amount.
  • Third Party Only – This can result in lower premiums, though ironically comprehensive insurance can sometimes be just as inexpensive or only cost marginally more. If you’re not using your car often, it is worth considering the difference in cost between third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive policies, to see which you can best afford.
  • Insurance Excess – Accepting a higher excess on your policy could reduce your premium, but you need to consider whether you would be able to afford to pay for damage to your car if you go for a higher excess to keep costs down.

Get a quote from Quoteline Direct

As we’ve been insuring vehicles for so long, we have a huge panel of insurers to approach to get you the very best premiums. We’re also understanding of the situation you’re in as a student and can find the best deal for you.

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