What is Over 50s Car Insurance?

Rewarding good drivers with low insurance premiums is nothing new, but over 50s can get cheaper car insurance as a reward for your experience and the probability that you’re less likely to make claims than other drivers.

Over 50s car insurance is offered by insurers who see you as lower risk, accounting for your years of experience behind the wheel and caution and attention to the road. Yet some over 50s may have motoring convictions or have made claims – Quoteline Direct can still help you!

Do I need over 50s car insurance?

If you’re over 50 and drive a car, yes – but it needn’t be as simple as that. Over 50s can be a diverse group; you may have grown a family or drive less because of a reduction in commitments to drive often. Having more freedom and fewer responsibilities is a consideration for providers of car insurance for over 50s.

Why Quoteline Direct for over 50s car insurance?

We take all circumstances into consideration – not everyone has a blemish-free driving record.  That’s why we provide quotes from a panel of insurers that can provide quotes that aren’t available elsewhere. Features can include:

  • Courtesy Car – in the event of an accident, keeping you on the road is of paramount importance
  • Legal expenses cover – ensuring that you’re covered if you lose money through missed appointments or days off work is something we consider with your insurance quote
  • Breakdown Cover – because these things happen, Quoteline Direct provide Breakdown cover options with our policies
  • Taking your Car Abroad – Ensuring that if you choose to take your car abroad you have the option to be covered across the EU.

Who are Quoteline Direct?

Here at Quoteline Direct, our team of experts can help tailor a quote that best suits your needs. We offer policies from the most basic third party to more comprehensive packages including legal expenses cover and breakdown assistance.

Quoteline Direct has access to competitive over 50s car insurance for all types of car and driver, irrespective of motoring history. We’re much more than just another comparison site, and it’s our personal touch that helps us find the cheapest over 50s car insurance deals for you. With a quick quote at the click of a button you’ve got nothing to lose and will be surprised at how much you could save.

So if you are aged over fifty and looking for great insurance deals get a quote online or call 0161 874 8029