What is Car Insurance with Criminal Convictions?

If you’ve ever committed a crime, then the chances are you’ve got a criminal conviction as a result. Everyone makes mistakes but finding car insurance if you’ve got criminal convictions can be very difficult. Most providers have a “one-track” approach to those who have a criminal conviction and as such there’s no flexibility when it comes to their pricing. Given that a large number will flatly refuse to quote, less providers means less competition which leads to higher premiums.

If you’ve had a criminal conviction in the past, and your debt is paid then you need not suffer by paying high insurance premiums.

Why Quoteline Direct for Car Insurance with Criminal Convictions?

Our experienced consultants can find you cover including:

  • Competitive car insurance premiums for all ex-offenders
  • Tailored quotes from experienced consultants
  • Flexible cover for all drivers and vehicles
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Spread repayments over instalments with direct debit

As we believe that once you’ve repaid your debt you shouldn’t be punished financially, we treat you as an individual and not a statistic. We can help you find competitive car insurance, regardless of past mistakes. We have a large panel of insurers that we can get premiums from meaning you have a larger choice than you can get elsewhere.

Further information about what you’ll need to declare

During the process you’ll be asked questions about your previous criminal convictions. These will include:

  • Name of Conviction
  • Type (conviction or caution)
  • Sentence or Disposal received
  • Further convictions

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you won’t need to declare a criminal conviction if it is declared as spent, unless it carried a prison sentence of over 4 years.

Why Quoteline Direct?

We’ve been providing the very best insurance for almost 50 years – as one of the UK’s leading independent brokers, we’ve built a panel of insurers that we trust and that provide exceptional cover, especially tailored to drivers with criminal convictions.

For more information, fill in our simple contact form or speak to us on 0161 874 8029.