What is Business & Company Car Insurance?

Business and Company Car Insurance covers cars for business use, as opposed to standard social, domestic and pleasure insurance which often includes just commuting to and from a place of work.

Individual drivers who drive to conduct business will require business use car insurance, whereas owners of multiple company cars will require company car fleet insurance.

Car insurance with business use

Car insurance with business use is typically purchased by people who own or lease their own car but need to conduct business while on the road.  If this is you, you will need to pay for this insurance to be covered on the correct basis.

If you drive on business – whether it’s visiting clients or travelling to different office sites – you are on the road longer than the average driver and cover a wider area of the country, so need to be covered for this additional risk.

Premiums may be slightly higher than regular car insurance because of the number of miles you rack up, though this needn’t necessarily cost much more than standard car insurance – Quoteline Direct will search out the cheapest deals for your business car insurance policy.

Get an online quote for your car insurance with business use or call 0161 874 8029 for more information.

Company Car Fleet Insurance

If your company has a fleet of cars, they can be insured on a company car fleet policy. Savings can be made on your insurance if you have a fleet of 4 or more company cars by switching to Quoteline Direct’s fleet insurance.

Company car fleet policies allow you to add or remove vehicles and drivers to the policy as they come and go from your business, giving you extra flexibility. There are potentially more savings to be made through telematics and driver training, too – speak to us for more details.

Up to 4 vehicles can be accommodated on a multi-car insurance policy – call us on 0161 874 8029 to find out more.

Why Quoteline Direct for Business and Company Car Insurance?

At Quoteline Direct, we understand the challenges of being in business in the modern day. Keeping costs in check is paramount in today’s world and as such, Quoteline Direct will search for the cheapest possible company car insurance that’s out there.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality cover, though. Our Single Car and Multiple Car Insurance for Businesses is designed to offer the cover you need at the best price possible.

Whether you’re insuring a Smart Car with company logos or the more popular BMW/Audi/Mercedes line of vehicles, we have a policy that’s right for you.

Factors that influence Business and Company Car Insurance

  • Luxury/Saloon Cars – Often company cars are at the executive end making them desirable and powerful. This doesn’t always mean that the premiums must be extremely pricey, though.
  • Mileage – Company car fleets don’t have limits on mileage, but single vehicles will. If you cover a lot of miles for business use then make sure your policy covers you for them. Be honest in declaring your mileage, as you don’t want to be in a position where it affects an insurance claim.
  • Storage – Company fleet vehicles are often kept in secured areas, just the same as personal cars. If there are unused company vehicles, then these are often on secured and monitored car parks where the business is situated. Correctly advising the insurer where the vehicles are stored will influence your premiums.
  • Drivers – Fleet owners insuring drivers with points on their licence should take into account that this can lead to an increase in premiums, as it could with any other car insurance policy.
  • Vehicle Type – As there are now higher tax regulations for certain diesel cars, the type of vehicle being insured should be carefully considered. Higher tax doesn’t necessarily mean higher insurance premiums, and the cheaper cost of fuelling diesels is a major consideration for larger fleets, too.
  • Excess – As with other insurance policies, increasing the individual vehicle excess (if possible) can reduce the premiums.

Why Quoteline Direct?

As we’ve been providing insurance to businesses across the UK for almost 50 years, we’ve learnt a thing or two when it comes to finding the right cover. Each circumstance is different and requires a skilled consultant to find the best quotes. We use a panel of insurers that provide premiums not available elsewhere.

For single car insurance with business use, get a quote online or call 0161 874 8029.

For company car fleet insurance, call 0161 874 4182 or visit our fleet insurance page.