Business Insurance

Insurance Claims Facts and Figures

Insurance provides a financial safety net to help people cope with unexpected events, and new figures show just how much help insurance actually provides. A report by the Association of British Insurers has revealed that the industry pays out a staggering £77 million every day.

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Driving Tips

Eating while driving banned in France

In the UK you wouldn’t think twice about having a sneaky snack behind the wheel, but motorists in France can now be fined £50 on-the-spot for eating while driving. The legislation has been welcomed by road safety campaigners who hope the new laws will eventually make their way across the channel.

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Car Insurance

Are your car keys covered by your insurance?

It’s been a great start to the day but as you leave the house you realise that you can’t find your keys. Five minutes later and you’re in a frenzy rifling through kitchen draws and diving down the back of the sofa. Eventually you manage to track-down your keys (exactly where you left them) and […]

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