Driving Tips

What to do in the event of a breakdown: 5 simple steps

Staying safe is the most important thing. Sorting out your vehicle is secondary to putting yourself out of harm’s way. It’s a stressful time for anybody to be in a stricken vehicle in the middle of busy traffic.  Here’s what to do to minimise the dangers to yourself, your passengers and other drivers. Slow down […]

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What one thing would you change or improve about insurance?

Everybody has an opinion on insurance. Some people see it as something they would rather not have to pay for. Others are very pleased or relieved when they have made successful claims on their insurance or defended themselves when claims are made against them. You might think it is expensive, or you might find it […]

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Landlords Insurance

How to become a great landlord: 10 Top Tips

Looking after your tenants is becoming increasingly important. Good tenants are worth their weight in gold – or more specifically, rental income – so keeping them happy and forging a strong relationship from the beginning can help secure a home for them, and a reliable source of income for you. Anyone can advertise a property […]

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