Interesting insurance facts

If you thought insurance was boring: think again. We’ve been trawling the web to find interesting insurance facts and have uncovered some that should raise an eyebrow: The first documented system of insurance can be found in Code of Hammurabi a Babylonian text dating back to 1750 BC. The legal code allowed merchants to pay […]

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Home Insurance

The problem with ‘block insurance’ policies for flats

 If you own a flat or apartment, you’ll know just how tricky it can be finding the right insurance. Block policies often fall short of providing adequate cover for fixtures and fittings or adequate liability cover for landlords. Few insurance providers really understand the problem and even fewer offer cover. At Quoteline Direct we have […]

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Business Insurance

Insurance Claims Facts and Figures

Insurance provides a financial safety net to help people cope with unexpected events, and new figures show just how much help insurance actually provides. A report by the Association of British Insurers has revealed that the industry pays out a staggering £77 million every day.

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Driving Tips

Eating while driving banned in France

In the UK you wouldn’t think twice about having a sneaky snack behind the wheel, but motorists in France can now be fined £50 on-the-spot for eating while driving. The legislation has been welcomed by road safety campaigners who hope the new laws will eventually make their way across the channel.

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