Help with your contents insurance while working from home during coronavirus

April 1st, 2020

We’ve had enquiries from people concerned that their home contents insurance might not cover them while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

At Quoteline Direct, we’d like to reassure you that if you’re currently working from home in these exceptional times, your insurance policy with us will most likely provide contents cover for the computers, printers and standard equipment you need to carry on working right now.

Here’s why…

Clerical work at home is usually covered

Many people working from home right now will never have done so before. You are most likely to be doing clerical work at home, which is to say you aren’t engaged in stockpiling goods from suppliers or inviting business visitors – or indeed, any visitors – to your home.

Instead, you are carrying out service-based duties – answering telephone calls, replying to emails, setting up video conferencing etc. This type of work is usually carried out in an office. It has simply shifted to a home environment instead.

Most of the insurers we deal with typically cover up to £5,000 worth of business equipment for clerical work at home. This can include computers, laptops, printers and standard peripherals, but not specialist tools or equipment.

Where hardware has been supplied to you by your business for home use, your employer may have this insured under their business insurance. Check with them if you’re unsure or concerned, but if they are making you legally responsible for the insurance, then your contents cover should also automatically extend for this.

If you’re using personal equipment for business use, this will likely be covered under the policies we sell if you are carrying out clerical work at home.

When might I need specialist home business insurance?

It is only home businesses that might normally require visitors or visits to other members of the public – beauticians, home tutors, hairdressers, consultants, therapists etc. – or anybody not carrying out clerical work (as referred to above) that would require specialist home business insurance.

However, with the government advice to stay indoors and avoid non-family members at present, businesses of this nature are highly unlikely to be operating right now.

Home insurance that works for you – we’re here throughout this crisis

If you’re carrying out clerical work at home now and want to insure your contents, rest assured that you can get an online quote for home insurance with Quoteline Direct and get cover for the items listed above.

Our existing policyholders can login to MyPolicies and check or make changes to your policy.

We’re here to help all our customers during these extraordinary times. When insurance works for you, it’s one less thing to worry about right now.


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