Extending your home? What do you need to tell your insurer?

December 2nd, 2019

With the cost of property soaring in recent years, moving home isn’t always the best option for people with growing families or a greater need for space. Sometimes, extending your existing home is the best option, especially if you are happy and settled in your property.

But before you set to work building an extension or adding a conservatory to your home, there’s a few things to think about. Not only do you need to find reputable tradespeople like builders, electricians, joiners and plumbers to carry out the work, you also need to think about your home buildings and contents insurance.

Here’s our checklist of things to consider when you’re looking to extend your home.

When to tell your insurer

As soon as you have made the decision to extend your home, you will start planning the process. There’s no better time to get in touch with your insurer, for two reasons:

1.  They can ensure that, when work commences and is underway, your property’s buildings and contents are covered
2. They can advise of the likely impact on your insurance premiums when the work is completed

Not all insurers will cover you if you don’t tell them about work that is being carried out, because there’s more risk of damage or theft with parts of your property exposed and various tradespeople carrying out work about your home. The earlier you tell your insurer, the better.

And if your insurer has any issues covering your home during the rebuild, give Quoteline Direct a call. We could help you to arrange cover during this time if required.

Are your contractors covered?

Make sure that anybody carrying out work on your property is correctly insured. You don’t want to run the risk of invalidating your insurance, so insist on seeing their public liability and employers’ liability insurance before they start work.
It always makes sense to look for recommended tradespeople. Platforms like Rated People can help you to find reputable businesses in your area.

Damage caused to property by tradespeople isn’t always covered on your home insurance policy – not only does it make sense to check this with your insurer, it’s also a no-brainer when it comes to having the right people carrying out work on your home, too.

What about loft conversions, basements or other renovations in the home?

While you aren’t extending your property, you should still make your insurer aware of any major renovations, large maintenance projects or structural changes to your home.

You don’t want to be without insurance cover, and the work you’re carrying out could add value to your property, which your insurer will need to be aware of.

Why is my insurance more expensive after extending my home?

If your home is bigger than it was before, it will generally cost more to rebuild. And if there are more contents included to fill the space, then they will also cost more to insure.

For these reasons, you are likely to need:

•  More buildings insurance cover than before. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cost of cover will increase. Many policies cover up to a set limit (e.g. £500,000), so if your property doesn’t increase in value above that limit, there may be little change to your premium. However, it’s worth re-evaluating the rebuild cost of your home to ensure you continue to have appropriate cover.
•  More contents insurance cover. With additional fixtures, fittings, carpets and furnishings, your new living space is likely to add value to your home – and add more items that need to be covered on your insurance.

Get the right home or landlord insurance cover with Quoteline Direct

If you’re unsure if you have the right cover for your property, give us a call. We’ll talk you through each step of the quote journey to make sure that you have sufficient cover, whether it’s your own home or a property you are letting out to other people.

For home insurance, call us on 0161 874 3599 or for landlord insurance, it’s 0161 874 7787.

Alternatively, get a quote online right now.


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