Life Insurance

It is so important that life insurance advice or indeed any financial advice you require is provided by professionals and meets your exact needs. With this in mind Quoteline Direct have business links with Mottram Financial Services Ltd who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are equipped to offer independent advice on all life, pension, and mortgage products.

Private Health Insurance

If you or a member of your family fall seriously ill you will want to take prompt action to get treatment. Whilst we know how good the NHS can be particularly in areas such as Accident & Emergency services with growing demands on its resources there can be long delays before treatment becomes available. Private Medical Insurance allows you to choose when and where you or your family receive treatment. It also speeds up the treatment process ensuring you get on the road to recovery quickly.

Permanent Health Insurance

This is a plan designed to give you a regular benefit if you suffer illness or injury limiting your ability to work and leading to a loss of earnings. Your benefit can replace lost earnings.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance plans pay a lump sum if the policyholder dies during a specified time period. They are designed so that family members won't suffer any financial hardship should the insured party die. Most policies have the option to include critical illness cover for an additional fee.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance plans pay the policyholder a lump should they be diagnosed with a critical illness. Illnesses covered vary from policy to policy, but commonly include: heart disease, strokes and cancer. Critical illness cover is designed as a financial safeguard for survivors of serious illness who haven't recovered sufficiently to return to work (not to be confused with medical insurance plans which cover the cost of treatment).

To find out more on any of the above insurances please phone Mottram Financial Services Ltd on 0161 710 3050.